Who's The Boss?

Inknbeans Press has been growing like wildflowers the last year:  14 authors, 38 titles and a schedule that puts us at 50 before year's end.  We've been signing a disproportional amount kids/juvenile/YA titles recently and the Boss Bean (owner and senior publisher at Inknbeans) put forth the idea that we should have a kid-fic imprint.  Well, after several months of planning, we do.  It's called Ted E Beans Books for Bearns.  And I'm the Boss Bearn.  What's a Bearn, you ask?  A bearn is a wee bear. 



I know I haven't posted in a long time. 

I haven't had anything to say that would matter to anyone but me.  My life, recently, has been all about books: editing books, formatting books for publication, promoting books...rinse and repeat.   Most of the writers on my flist are only interested in traditional publishers, so our puny efforts are pretty much meaningless spam here.

The things that fill my life with joy still abound.  I still have cats.  Even in January, I had roses in bloom.  Hawks still soar and screech over the canyons behind me.  I still crochet. I even worked on my NaNo project yesterday, because I told someone I would. 

But mostly...I help publish books. 

So, that's where I've been. 

Silver Linings

I just found out something I have been looking forward to (sorry about the participle dangling) for several months has been postponed, indefinitely.  It's not anyone's fault.  It just is.  Boo hoo.

So, here are some things from my Little Joys Journal:

Dec 05  Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas...the original source for one of my favourite Christmas songs - When the River Meets The Sea.
Scotch Shortbread shaped like Scottie Dogs

Dec 06 Christmas Mouse Ears
Christmas Fireworks
Coming home to my own Christmas decorations in the garden

Dec 07 The Christmas tree at the Hill o'Beans

Dec 08 Hope & comfort found in Christmas music

Dec 09 Michael Buble's version of Santa Baby

And now, I leave you for a catch up on Christmas videos and some spiced hot choccy.

Oh, and if you've been following the brufuffle at The River of Goods & Services, here's a pic our Boss Bean stole from Huff Post:

Ho ho ho

Looking Like Christmas Around Here.

I took these during the great Turkey and Napping day.  There was only one tree up at the time, and it wasn't completely decorated, but it's pretty.  We went modern all about this year, eschewing the glitter and garland and just did some bright round lights up the stairs. 

Those are electric candles a-glowing.

We still have some to finish up, and I'll post more photos soon.

Some entries in my Little Joys Journal:

01 Dec Christmas cups out on my shelves
            offering grace  receiving grace
02 Dec  Pandora's all holiday collection
03 Dec  Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown
             Advent gifts
             Tom's Farm
04 Dec  Starbucks Christmas cups on special offer for one day!


A Gift That Gives Twice!

Some of you have heard me speak of Jim Burkett, a fellow author at Inknbeans Press.  He's best known for his taut, fast paced and terrifying-because-it-could-happen Nick West series, but he has a secret identity, Pops Burkett, who writes wonderful picture books for little ones who want a special bedtime story, or who are just learning to read.  The first four in the series have been put together in an omnibus called Fins, Fur and Feathers.  It's over one hundred pages of photos and text written as only a loving grandfather could write. 

The Boss at Inknbeans Press decided to offer a giveaway for this book.  Buy and review either version (it's expected in print on Tuesday) and Inknbeans will send a print copy to the Tampa chapter of Pediatric Cancer Foundation, a cause that is very dear to Jim and his family.  The book will be sent out with your personal greeting. 

The offer is good through 14 December.